Global warming – A comic strip illustration

15 Oct

It may seem funny, but it is a serious problem.


Sachin Tendulkar // Roger Federer // Lionel Messi // Ricardo Kaka

8 Oct

Sachin Tendulkar // Roger Federer // Lionel Messi // Ricardo Kaka

They are honest on and of the pitch and talented like hell.

These men aren’t all about sports. They are have clean lives outside of the sports world too. And they are honest in the game they play. And so, i like them. No one can be their equal, no one.

For me, being talented in sports is only half part of a sportsperson and you now well know what the other half part is.

For example, I hate Cristiano Ronaldo, simple.!

The 3 orbs

22 Sep

The Hand Series

20 Sep

New blog for “The Environmental Cause”

20 Sep

The Phoenix ARTS is happy to announce the creation of a dedicated blog for The Environmental Cause.

Visit The Environmental Cause blog.


The blog will be updated soon, be patient. thank you.

The Smileys of Greenery

18 Sep

Rays of hope || Waves of life || Air of peace

17 Sep

rays of hope..waves of life..air of peace..

Elation comes when you find ‘light’ enough to enlighten your soul completely and keep it warm for the rest of its existence. Elation is a mundane thing but enlightenment is preternatural.

I forgot how I got the idea of photographing this. Maybe I was impressed by the light, frisky blue-hued sky or maybe it was the ever happily beaming sun that impressed me. Or maybe it was both the light, frisky blue-hued sky (# on the background) and the ever happily beaming sun (# on the foreground) that caught my eye that moment. Whatever it was, I wanted to get a bottle of water and hold it against the never scant rays of the sun, with that wonderfully pleasing sky on the backdrop. I was immediately overtaken by some unknown pleasantness inside Continue reading

‘The Environmental Cause’ section updated

15 Sep

The Environmental Cause page is updated and will be updated regularly hereon. Do be concerned about the environment even if my page and posts are not effective.

Black and White Heart

15 Sep

a tinge of every other color

billion smiles beaming from the blushing meadow
each as pure as a mother’s smile

leaping down from the broken window
running across the dusty streets

birds chirping in the yonder
spring settling into its blossom Continue reading

Blood-stained Nature

5 Sep

Every start has an end // Every journey has a destination // Every heart has a last beat

Earth took birth aeons and aeons ago and stop guessing about ‘ when Nature took birth ? ’ because, that number would definitely not fit into the 1,00,000 TB (# approx., but something of that size anyway) of available memory in the world. So long it has been since it all started.

After Earth was formed, it took some millions of years for the newly formed young Earth to cool down the temperatures and form a camouflage around itself, the atmosphere. It took a few million years more for the still young Earth to start giving birth to life, probably an alien term then. Well, Earth was kind and warm for the new born and so Earth became Mother Earth as early as in the [2 x a few million]th  year that we are talking about (#do the math please). Even young Mother Earth was new to motherhood, so she struggled to keep her kids alive and in harmony. It was a long, desperate struggle which she dealt with patience and perseverance. It was another million years before she could get settled Continue reading

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