The Environmental Cause

    • We live under the shelter of nature, we plunder her resources for our living, we demolish parts of her for the mere idea of supremacy. We are more concerned about the problems we will get if we stop using plastic instead of worrying about what the use of plastic would do. We are negligent, no one can fend of this accusation. Everyone of us is negligent towards contributing to the environment. We should so dearly look after it as we do with our dear and loved ones but we hardly ‘look’ at all. People talk less about things like these, they call these things petty little issues which need not be discussed and time be wasted upon them, most of us are with such a view. We need to come out of the ‘someone-will-get-it-done-anyway-then-why-me’ kind of attitude towards protecting the environment. Environment today, as from quite a murky past, is ill-treated by many of us humans. The main motive of this page on The Phoenix ARTS blog is to bring-in awareness of the need for environmental awareness
    • We will bring in news about environmental causes taken up by many groups across the world, we post in here their slogans. Videos and photographs will be a part of this page and related posts concerning the environmental cause. Please do send in emails expressing your concerns or to share content that is related to this cause.
  • Visit The Environmental Cause blog.

    URL :

    The blog will be updated soon, be patient. thank you.


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