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Global warming – A comic strip illustration

15 Oct

It may seem funny, but it is a serious problem.


Rays of hope || Waves of life || Air of peace

17 Sep

rays of hope..waves of life..air of peace..

Elation comes when you find ‘light’ enough to enlighten your soul completely and keep it warm for the rest of its existence. Elation is a mundane thing but enlightenment is preternatural.

I forgot how I got the idea of photographing this. Maybe I was impressed by the light, frisky blue-hued sky or maybe it was the ever happily beaming sun that impressed me. Or maybe it was both the light, frisky blue-hued sky (# on the background) and the ever happily beaming sun (# on the foreground) that caught my eye that moment. Whatever it was, I wanted to get a bottle of water and hold it against the never scant rays of the sun, with that wonderfully pleasing sky on the backdrop. I was immediately overtaken by some unknown pleasantness inside Continue reading

Love for ART || Peace for LIFE – Phoenix ARTS

4 Sep

Hello visitor,

Welcome to The Phoenix ARTS,

To wave a flag of your country is a show of pride of your nationality.

To kiss your mother is a show of love for the nature.

To walk past your memories in search of new ones is a show of your faith.

And ART is a liquid which can shape into almost anything, only you have got to have that little spark called Creativity !! Continue reading

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