Love for ART || Peace for LIFE – Phoenix ARTS

4 Sep

Hello visitor,

Welcome to The Phoenix ARTS,

To wave a flag of your country is a show of pride of your nationality.

To kiss your mother is a show of love for the nature.

To walk past your memories in search of new ones is a show of your faith.

And ART is a liquid which can shape into almost anything, only you have got to have that little spark called Creativity !!

There is no more surrealistic thing than art. Art finds it way into almost everything that is on earth. Art is not something which is always written in underlined text or an illustration in colored photographs. It is much more than that.It’s not something you have to go downtown and shop for hours to find, it is something that is at the closest of reaches, at our own tender heart. Heart strings,when strummed, bring out melodies unimaginable, far more hypnotic and inherently full of the ‘soul’ thing. Art  is what you want it to be. you are an art // mother is an art // father is an art // birth is an art // death is an art // life is an art // breathe is an art // eyes are an art // teeth are art. And so on goes the list, which after few numbers, will be looked at as ‘foolish’ by people who really don’t have that (“# come now!! even ‘void’ is art !!”)  kind of mentality. Can’t help you guys, but the rest of you people.

Ooh Yea, ART is everywhere !!!


2 Responses to “Love for ART || Peace for LIFE – Phoenix ARTS”

  1. Anicka September 6, 2011 at 5:24 PM #

    I agree that art is everywhere… 🙂 you got nice start…

  2. Alia S September 15, 2011 at 3:40 AM #

    Indeed. I believe in the art of everything, and the art of nothingness.
    I hope to read more of your posts ! Thank you for your kind words on my recent post.

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